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3D Animation: Overall Improvements, Breakthrough Tech and AI

16 May 2024

Animation has come a long way since its inception when everything had to be hand-drawn, frame-by-frame. While traditional 2D animation has maintained its place in some of the most beloved genres and pieces of…

How is 3d design used in different industries

Seeing is believing: How is 3D design used in different industries in 2023?

18 April 2023

3D design is an innovative and powerful tool that has been gaining popularity across various industries due to its many benefits. From e-commerce and real estate to gaming and entertainment, 3D content can help to visualize and communicate complex ideas, create immersive experiences, and engage audiences in new and exciting ways. In this article we’ll explore how 3D designs are used in different industries, from healthcare to gaming and e-commerce.

Clients about us

Alexis Moulard

Alexis Moulard

Innovation & Experience Manager, Viva Technology

Alpha3D makes 3D model creation such a breeze. I don’t know much about 3D modeling but with Alpha3D’s light-touch plug-and-play solution, I don’t have to. We just send Alpha3D flat 2D images and receive high-quality, ready-to-use 3D assets. Alpha3D is the one-stop shop for creating immersive experiences at scale.

mike chara

Mike Charalambous


Alpha3D has been a key strategic partner for Threedium. Their ability to rapidly turn images into 3D assets helps us scale asset creation for all our major enterprise users. We aim to be working closely with Alpha3D for years to come to further push boundaries in asset creation and support them in introducing the best AI tech in turning 2D images into hyper-realistic 3D assets.

Sergey Arkhangelskiy

Sergey Arkhangelskiy


Alpha3D allows us to generate high-quality and accurate 3D models in a short amount of time, helping us speed up our processes significantly. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate for anyone on our team.  Overall, we found Alpha3D to be extremely valuable and would recommend it to anyone who needs to generate high-quality 3D content at scale.