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Are you passionate about the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality (XR)? Do you believe in an immersive digital future? If so, you might be the perfect fit for Team Alpha.

At Alpha3D, we’re not just a team, we’re a group of innovators and dreamers, committed to transforming and disrupting the way 3D content is created, consumed and interacted with.

We’re a diverse group, coming together from 14 countries, all working together to democratize the creation of 3D content. We believe that everyone should have the tools to create immersive digital experiences, and we’re making that vision a reality.

We’re looking for individuals who are ready to take on challenges, think outside the box, and help us build the future of digital immersive experiences. If you’re ready to make a difference and shape the future, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s build the world of future digital experiences together.

✨It’s not magic, it’s AI✨


Perks and benefits

Flexible working hours

Freedom to manage your own time - you know the best when you are the most productive.

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world

Alpha3D is proudly a fully remote company. This means you'll be engaging with an international team all around the globe.

The opportunity to grow your role within the company as we scale

We're a tiny but powerful team still in early stage. You'll have the chance to really own your role and make impact. You’ll be a key player in the next stage of growth for Alpha3D.

28 days of annual paid leave

Your time spent recharging with family and friends is as important as your time spent working on Alpha. We'll make sure you'll have a healthy work/life balance.

Open positions

We are seeking a savvy Data Engineer! You’ll have the opportunity to join the growing AI team and develop our 3D modelling AI app.

About us

Alpha3D is an AI-powered platform that is revolutionizing the creation of 3D content. We enable users to transform 2D images of real-world products into 3D digital assets for AR, VR, gaming, and the metaverse. As the demand for 3D content reaches new heights, we’re here to make the process fast, easy, scalable, and accessible for everyone.




Creating digital assets has traditionally been a laborious, expensive, and time-consuming process. But with Alpha3D, users can create digital assets 10x cheaper in minutes, with just a few clicks and no previous 3D modeling knowledge necessary. All you have to do is upload your 2D images to the Alpha3D app, and let our AI take care of the rest.

We’re committed to making 3D content creation accessible to all, so we can build the best future digital experiences together.

We’re not just a company, we’re a team of innovators and dreamers, committed to creating an immersive digital future. We’re Alpha3D, and we’re building the future of digital experiences. Join us on this exciting journey.

Our team

Rait-Eino Laarmann COO
Shahab Anbarjafari CAIO
Ekaterina Sedykh ML ENGINEER
Mariliis Retter CMO
Dominik Mason LEAD 3D ARTIST
Abdallah Hussein Sham HEAD OF AI
Ekaterina Pavlova PROJECT MANAGER
Glib Manaiev ML ENGINEER
Aksana Yachnik QA SPECIALIST
Madis Alesmaa CEO
Anna Jakovļeva ML ENGINEER

Clients about us

Alexis Moulard

Alexis Moulard

Innovation & Experience Manager, Viva Technology

Alpha3D makes 3D model creation such a breeze. I don’t know much about 3D modeling but with Alpha3D’s light-touch plug-and-play solution, I don’t have to. We just send Alpha3D flat 2D images and receive high-quality, ready-to-use 3D assets. Alpha3D is the one-stop shop for creating immersive experiences at scale.

mike chara

Mike Charalambous


Alpha3D has been a key strategic partner for Threedium. Their ability to rapidly turn images into 3D assets helps us scale asset creation for all our major enterprise users. We aim to be working closely with Alpha3D for years to come to further push boundaries in asset creation and support them in introducing the best AI tech in turning 2D images into hyper-realistic 3D assets.

Sergey Arkhangelskiy

Sergey Arkhangelskiy


Alpha3D allows us to generate high-quality and accurate 3D models in a short amount of time, helping us speed up our processes significantly. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate for anyone on our team.  Overall, we found Alpha3D to be extremely valuable and would recommend it to anyone who needs to generate high-quality 3D content at scale.